[editing] = listening to yourself.

To be silent for a time.


* Fall or All (concluded.) * (i) am done with that mess. *

(724) Alway[Z] desire a Mosh-Pit. a ChainSaw hangs a Tree: or Off the Rip;

to Lawrence(!)
Wedding-so-Lovely if the note from
Ley is in my room it will still be there
when I get back. . . but scared of :.
Death I always will be.
[there are a million white
lighters like this one is mine;] (1040)
RJD2 (!) for the win. But for real
though even a fellow soldier may
shoot you from behind. Paranoia = a
survival instinct.
“This what I do for a living GiGGa.”
a Bridesmaid from Savannah
sounding like a bag of Mollie[Z]
A monk on the street sold me the art
of Dharma (+) Yoga for $2 some
CHANGE; Purpose= time never
wasted Life= to Love everyone.
but (8) maids deer O my (!)(!)
a penitence Shrine of the ratLyon
emulsified by the collection of the
Sirens upon Titan. I just prefer the
moons of JUPITER.
Gifts are not to give away.
Really I just horde Story.
The calling is to channel the Divine
in order we find true purpose. Er.
Lucy in the bathroom said Fear is a
construct which sap[Z] our
Energy. . . where the Mescaline at(?)
But beer is truly the hammer of the gods.
Hookah (+) Dokha with Joseph & Zahra
the masters of Love. Er.
Goat(Z): Zoroastrianism in practice.
Love (+) poetry rains even after
Death conquers the Body.
I feel it All.

(916)(1855) a Free state, this Day a Wedding;

& so August begins. O Lord I need to
check in with the Forest. . . I feel
better when I have you near me.
Always. . .
Fuck cult[Z] mind control is a Devil’s
business. Love = Freedom. I would
do irresistible things to Anne Bradstreet’s
body though. . .
No one made in the image of God
therefore no one is to rule.
Adam given first the true test of
loneliness but Woman received the
Earth when she could have hidden
the other side of the garden in Fear.
Love = Infinity (+) (overwhelming joy at
the idea of still being Alive to Experience.
To cure sensitivity we must look at
ourselves from the third person
perspective Rochelle Rochelle.
Coconut records to the West coast
but not to find Stephanie only Love
& Virgins wish for other
Virgins but People dumb sometimes.
Love = new beginnings. . .
Merchant’s former Teller’s formerly
Banker’s currently lets give the drunk
dude more & more so I can get
pawed by Mr. Um these bartenders
(i) think they Lovely but you wanna be mean
you go to the corner and yell at strangers.
I despise management.
Sincerity = Remorse for Huh (!?)
Henry’s Ebony Tusk; to forgive one’s
self for the ignorance of attempting to write the wrong.
Er. Right. A vow of Silence might be better when
someone who carries extreme Anxiety
over what is now out of my Control= the Past
Unconditional Love= the only Love there actually is.
God remains Eternal.
(I miss Ivy. But I
fear I won’t speak with (H)er ever
What do x x for eyes even mean (?)
“Enjoying that cigarette?” . “Yessur.” .
“yes sir.” .


So without a nod but just a Glance
Love remains even after the Fear of
Death be gulped by the INFERNAL JUPITER.
She was cute.
Red Baseball cap.
Outside Muncher’s Bakery
I decided to rest my writing in Order
I learn that Life is supposed* to be
Long. But with a Lover like Smoked
Trout Crustini I take from Ganymede the lesson of Hope for a girl as
pretty and adorable as the Silence
which still calms my soul to Sleep.
Marriage at first sight to make Love
be the End Trance of one series unto another.
Because poetry is a language which
is more about what we choose to remember than what we need to


Like Ash into a trash-can I am carried I am
carried into the Infinite a Widow with
the warmth of a Home built into the
Forest of the Blue-Moon which for
me was first Orange.
Happy halloween
Merry Christmas.
to Pluto{!} with the Fire which OUR
SON (G)generate[Z]


by gK. Gany.


Grayson Kristene-Campbell

(or gany the King Khonsu)

with Loving memory of the Turtle
which was murdered by a follower
of Christ. I will let that cracked shell
go but never myself. So hold onto
me Deer. Please hold onto me I
wish not to travel from the orbit of
JUPITER to Pluto Alone.






infinity =
still Romance.


Never be polite or over correct but
always appreciate Life: be Precious.




But more important never hold back
the tears if Lonely you feel. No one
ever alone & purpose is to be Lost
so that we MAY finally Gain(!)




there is no controlling the {Chaos} which poetry only concludes

(850) EDIFICATION of a Nose. a Brain & a Heartbeat: Awakening Anxiety underlying a Vulnerably Powerful-Plateau;

I hit the afternoon of the cycle of Mania.
Learning how to walk the beehive my Head(!)

right now my Love to give is not empty but a jar blown by Dust.
yet Lucky my eyes are even when Heavy with Steel.

[Cannibalism, a chilling thought, bodies strewn on the side of an island;
the plane cooks the flesh which buried everything but the Absurd need for
Sustenance drives friends to end the pain of Hunger.]

The Ocean and god exists but is Cold when cut the blood a Carrier.

(Mania inspires. Drives. Causes a Mind
to Fall into the Psychosis
of thinking that the Body is alone on
Earth I must join with me(G)
to reestablish the Population
of a Race Hell-Bent on the Beauty
of the Universe
& with a vocabulary to spin circles the Son).

Love a lonely word which Longs
for a partner to study alongside
What cums closes the nebula
which incurs as we are both Alive & together;
an extension of being Awake to
the Fear, but really just a genetic disposition
towards the inability to filter ALL of conciousness

“through the looking glass.”

Divinity (+) over-stimulation
of the creative Process which
churns out Fantasy to escape
what thinking truly is;
a Process called Life.


Close eye(Z) but open the Heart.
Eat. Sleep. Be merry.
Push Past. Carry the Future. Excpect mishap.

BUT to the Weary and poor our masks look like Snouts.
Really my ego is to reframe the Love I have for HggH (+) gKg=(8/8) Alive anyways still.

“as I was thinking irrationally Emily my Deer I will miss you
the most. If I could forever live in the image of your voice I would.
the Autumn winds begin to lick my Dharma. My memory serves me well with
the image your Body. I will never know why I lied about the doctor but
perhaps any excuse to return and find you the cause of my current undulation
tricks my mind into distraction which never knew how to say good-bye.”


but there is something about that Black and White Dress that
both nurses and patients May wake me up their Lip(Z).


there is something about these Black and White Stripes which
allows my mind to Live in the Grey (!)


“naturally fulfilling internal urges
buried away into the chemistry of our Brains
Momentum transports in order we STOP(!) (i)
want to be a painter. . .”


to Hear the Thunderous roar the government
sending war planes/Apaches to locate me=
paranoid survival trapping skills but to
Remember Ley is to know that “you realize how beautiful our children would be(?)”
the eyes of Mania are to follow me the Rest my Life. I Fight in order
Humanity continue fighting. SEX= the infernal urge for Divinity to counteract Fear.


the Sun Also Rises to an absence of Emotion=
We interpret the Love for being attached to Life
upon the universe; PATIENCE(!) TEACH(!)

how to Aid(?) O [My Deer] get better.
tell your husband he is lucky. Lift up your Soul.
your eyelashes are amazing when pitched against the window.


shown the (*Divine*); given only a [Diagnosis](+)[Care]

[1025] saw Me(g) today she was singing: (11:11) i wish still only for (H)er;

Emotionally-Vigilant, I am starting to see through a tough GHost.

to be a Father(!)

Psychosis is placing a wall
between your Love and your
Heart slows due to the quill
upon the belly; your tongue is
tied due to the anxiety of
being afraid of having not
accomplished EVERYTHING
we must always let that go(!) er. Rest(!)
in the Desire to tranport
your Ego into that of an Ice-Druid
on a moon named Ganymede.

People will always be afraid
of the cycle: “Grandiosity.”
Please know that my greatest fear is not that
i will hurt myself but that
i might hurt another. (i) really do care so very deeply.

Maslow= scared-face in the tub
Alone, a pound of chocalate, video cameras
set-up everywhere, trying to fufill a desire to be
Safe but (I just never lived that desperate Trap
i run from nothing not even my past(!) because

the Rain(!)
so Lovely.

[written by Winston Churchill; trying to
reduce the danger of Mania returning by Half]
perhaps more.

the Rain(!)
so very Lovely.

[from the Third Coast to the Northwest & Georgia;
WE know not of what is Familiar, only after
Examination do we realize what these word(Z) mean].

the Rain(!)
cleanse this soul that
I may not need to be
reincarnated into anthing except a Bristlecone-pine. . .

but Emily mY O Deer mY nurse LEAD
me a shortcut & forever (i) would be
grateful to be intimate with those
Amazing eyes (+) a wonderful
backside the entrance to my Soul;


SO VERY LONELY(!) & then another Queen
Alexandria appears & this one, Cleopatra. . .
recognized my face.

(A Pearl of the Mediterranean). . .

who I would have brought Home & given the World.


deployed into dangerous water(Z) only to return Home; money is always [$]econdary.

(733) shadow(Z) haunt me in this Trap: to eat an elephant in the enormity of the room (909);

=a crucible of Experience.

but how am i supposed to hear (H)er psychotic
and not want to cry(?)
“god gave me this baby for a reason.
I don’t think he would have if
I could not handle it.” what the hell. . .
Me(g); been there never said that(?!?)

only to return to Norfolfk while my Love
tweaks Reality: swim the Atlantic, care not for Sharks
they just taste anyways. . . VIRGINia blood gets
Drawn into the water with tremendous form
the Hurricane only broke our (tree(Z)
leaving still our natural American Spirit)

my mouth finally wet with the waves returning the
moisture I loss Yelling so very Loudly. but
I forgot to mention [which is nice] that my Brain is already
For[g]ettin[g] less only it Spray.

to Bounce back is to be Resilient;
a new reality(?) what makes us change(?) bi-location
Tri(gg)ered= a survival instinct in Training.
to learn how to Help. Support(!)
always Flight to be able & let go the Times you chose to Fight.

the one who killed your turtle said shit to really get your goat.
Let it go. Just never let yourself go=

Gany. a goose, so many egg(Z)
which cry of their own accord. &
because your a bastard I never
should have trusted. Here’s your tip
fucker, Lord of the Ring(Z) fan-boys will
stay exactly that their entire lives. . .
Go eat some more opium you Life-Less
sack of shit= San Marcos is full of two-timing,
double-crossing thieves that wish they could
LIVE in Austin or San Antonio. . .

But (i) am Home now. (210) Countdown-City.
a gateway unto America where nationals take advantage
while immigrants work infinitely harder(!)

Fragility= Sensitivity to the needs of others.
So is getting burned/(deceived) after giving Trust,
better or worse than never having Loved at all(?)
{Isolation}= Safe. but to place Faith in an idea
is to hear new-angels singing infinitely again(!)

So with a queen Alexandria on my Left,
the virgin Mary to the right, I am again faced with
two roads divering into one Path;
the choice is to again Love a Trial.
(what do i look like well(?) what is a well(??))

Creation is born from the highs and the low[Z]
MOMENTUM= to recover, to keep growing
Hallow’s Eve to Hallow’s Noon.

[Dear Sylvia & Robin]
“I am sorry you chose to stop the medication. But I still Love you hunny.
I hope to see you in Purgatory or to take you our Heaven.”

But always to chase this Rabbit into a Hole;
Balancing a Trap.

Who the fuck scared now(?). . .
from a [g]ladiator.


Exasperate only freckles in the Summer-{Time}

(1109) gluttony of the Divine: punishment for wanting so very much;

from the [g]rave-O(!)deer my your so very cute. . .
can I have my med(Z) wait which way what day huh(!?)

a story of snow in the summer of Trust. . .

=a mirror unto the machinery of poetry.
the Dystopia= a watchman of OakWood;
that we are born a fuzzy peach and grow into
the Lust to return (11:11) WISH(!) upon a dying planet
yet join together in the discovery of an Earth reborn &
quite large with so much room for an alien race whose only
words include “Faith=Life.”

but better safe than sorry.

only (H)er and the Texas heat. Who knew I was so attractive(?)
only with Black Lung(Z) and a beating vein on the side of my head. . .

Mania is Temporary.
The soul-Incarnate Lasts forever;
Neo in the Matrix; the Fear of Crusifiction= a desire
to change the world with the most beautiful of weddings.
(from Zara.)=gany.

i tried to meditate only my first thought was “nothing.”
so i gave up immediately.
BUT O(!)DEER my, Everything still Here(!)

never be polite= never(kneel(!))

a confession; that fiction is the best mask for mania (+) the
Fire of wanting so very much. A man(?) AH. men.
that the Virgin Mary only had sex with the Holy Spirit(!)
my bookmark already set to the scripture today in Order
[i] honor my father & mother.

synchronicity= things falling into place;
a blank page with the Fear that the next=
the Last. Never the End. . .
Life is Eternal, Death= the gateway unto our final
resting(!) not sleeping place. A center of the Universe
by way of Ganymede= the ratLyon propelled by
the commandment of the god Jupiter.

Does she even know who I am(?)(me(g)=Khonsu);
an otter with armor for what i would hope to be OUR protection.

[5, 4, 3, 2, 1.] i am indeed happy that she sees a Future child.

we must forget in order Pain not follow us forever into the Grave.
yet SILENCE(!) Joy be found with the idea that listening
to prayer= way better than praying yourself. But WTF God(??)
What-the-Full-blown mania your pregnant(?!?)
Are you sure they told you this(?!?)

to hear how it must have sounded when i was the one with a patient code is to;
(draw boundaries)(+)(do not enable)(+)(don’t be afraid)(+)(work hard to forgive)(!)

Learn consequences. . . Love again and again into the darkness of the night.


blue-eyed Ginger[Z] just say “yes(?)”

957-828: Solace;

Crisis Plan (+) never cured only managed (:)
Aid(a) let me take your nightmares; Deer,
automatic. negative. thoughts.

was it North-Central Methodist or Baptist (?)
Recovery thus= publish. Organize. Burn.

Fear (+) Loathing= an emotional foot-print.

a conciousness(!)
a trick a steal.
the Creation a Spiritual high [cyclying from]
an atheistic Low.

but (double Entendre. Cough Cough that’s forbidden Love.)
Patience= letting HER go for the time being. Life is long;
if it is meant to be it will be.

GOD is cold. . .
Half-mast= the war getting closer and closer to Home.

(I wish HggH would have been different but I wait for me(G)
to call again. Bored and lonely. You may always say hi to me Dear.
I know this is a tough time but you will be OK). . .

SO we put on the blankets we warm ourselves with Balance; “ZARA.” (!)
& the Yellow-Rose (+) a Blue-Bonnet= a harvest returns again.



(1102): the Kink removed the [C.H]ain;

grey hair= a universal perspective.
(work every day(!))

a tour of command;
Love never a phase.
Insight leads down the path to patience.
to feel the Heart Beat
a scariest of Drug.
& Prescribed (!)
to stop listening is to be
wise so SLEEP (!)
Fantasy= me(g) and (i) hiding together
the Rain upon our Home
within the Heart of a tomb the world
a citadel er. Shrine(?)
I got you a watch
for today a note tomorrow a ring.
in order I ask
and a painting for
above the mantle
if you want my
pass to the eternal
Life of Star(Z) only
fade never do WE die(!)

Life= a balancing Act; a tight rope walker(!)
Routine is to never give up.
or just so we may hide in our Dream to find Solace;

purple Lights around the bed=
walking on eggshell(Z)

timid with words.
[How the hell are you unafraid of Death(!?)]

(Bold with actions for me= to give gifts).
i am just so awful with good-byes.
i despise them. SO (i) breathe heavy. . .
“till next time” dear.


forgetting what Mid-Night i(Z) [TRANSFIXED](!)

[909] (7/20/2015): a declaration for Courage=to Love er. to fuck a coyote (57x’s): (Abiathar)=a High priest;

to Rest is to Deny.
but Familly still=to Protect.
kneeling to Forgive(!)
Forget that this Life has much more to offer His
words (are) food a Trap
Look I caught a Soul
Tap. Tap. Tap.
the Bass Bleed(Z) SAP(!)
in Ord-er. we find Chaos.
=afraid of a Leo.
me myself- (8/8)
Hope still here(!)
Love still a journey towards the nightmare;
a fiend recovering from the war-ship of himself.
Better in Heaven with the stench of the Seer
than rotting in Hell (with) an absent Communion a Tear(!)
my tool(Z) to Purge the stomach my Deer.

Empty of all the words to cum(!) Resonance Remains.
finally able to sleep peacefully; a Testament the Power & Glory
now rests within the Tomb. That Life a peak and at the bottom
the Mountain we breathe our last breath think our last thought and join
those who Believe in the apparition of Paradice.

I want to ride down the Hillside tucked into the Valley of the Lotus-Grove
with (H)er and if (i) am to die it will be in those
Arms which wrapped around my soul whisper that the Stream is near.
“Your ashses will be spread by no one but me Dear. . . do not cry nor Fear.”

So with sincerity and Love I may know what an everlasting Death really becomes;
Sex upon the creekbed; Ophelia drowning herself with the worship my word(Z)
& never my Heart. I swim for you now. All in grey went my Body Hiding.

Slip my soul into your Sabbath my Love, from an Elder-
the son of Man;
a Druid Hunting
a Shaman but really a Prophet baptizing himself every day, my last or first (!?)
Virginity-to keep in order I get it right and only to (H)er i Promise.

God then gives the Body a disciple muse to join my
Cult and know she is mine in Love we find a right to Breathe; Belonging.
Mania= thing(Z) fall into place if you Fast what a child that may hold out
a fist in Marriage we both consume the Sin of Deliverance a Part of Faith=
trusting only to amaze the Angel of Death or Banish the Demon; anxiety so stop(!)

. . .

my Mother a Hero. I don’t want her to die though she will eventually;
would never again wish to throw gas on the Fire=to keep Safe.
Selfish am (i) though I would prefer to take the burn for myself.=MANIA=
to string together the moon and the Hut and the Lovers enTrance upon a new
the efigy burning a large Fish Callisto giving just enough Light to tell Stories
the wind= Resiliance= my Mom(!) Nature(!) never Alone(!)

Judgement comes when Lovers find the skill of Hunting/Gathering
water chestnuts the pig a bush the screen(Z) left believing Reality=
Learning to teach children the art of painting History the world
a complex Devotion to an existential guillotine; the dark deference of Liberty (+) Death.

(by the heirarchy of need(Z))
(er. Abraham Maslow)
belonging= silence. ENOUGH(!)

but O deer my a Coyote can i have please(!?!)

so Buddha. . . plan a Tryst;
Split a cookie. Write (H)er a note.
Draw the picture. Love the
athleticism. Breathe in her (bass)-
Line. See her tomorrow. Tell her to
bring a swimsuit. Deliever her from
the Temptation of hormone(Z) rule
the front half a relationship. Remain
only to remember the first words
(your cute miss Colombian(+)Italian
DEAR o my How to make a crush last

I guess (i) will just provide the (H).


render Shrapnel; Khonsu drowning off the Third-Coast

10:52 (7/18)2015: (i) to[o] have left so many clue(Z)

“Fuck relations.” (=an aura)

(edification)= Friendly [Fire].
i do not wish for anyone to feel bad My Loneliness.
{J}ust please let me Be.
e[X]ternal Events(?)=(8)x(8)
everyone looks in Love yet only finding-
the Divine Course through which the
Brain tremors with Exhaustion.

So what Lies inside(?). . .
Process; to feel better a Day.

the blue-Angel plucked me
myself. Zeus=a kidnapper(!)
[SIN]apse Blood vein(Z) firing(!)
just Breathe make Time(!)
Hide Eyes. Hide a View.
Walk away to think my side the argument er.
Huck the moon Bell-Jar the hog encapsulate
the Fear for being alone “a ship(!)”

a Harbor= the Destination. A Love
atop the pier my Dreams to care for Lucidity(!)
a Port. Hot vs. Cold; the goose(!)bump(Z) travel the Spine-
to Sail(!)

Only, it is difficult to separate Life from Journey. . .
Remorse from Ecstasy. . .
Art from Faith(!)

the Path from leading, the children our Legacy=
to the Lighthouse as I lie Dying. [Crucifixion(!)]

so unstrap the body from your back & never ask for the Rosary.
Just jump. Miss. Pathos.

Depression you are welcome. Mania you are undeserved.

“Never let Divinity go(!)” just to say Ya-Weh(!)
to cry only to test Trust in Chaos we find Fuck(!)
Nature vs. Nurture. Fuck
Nature vs. Nurture. Fuck
Nature vs. Nurture. Love deserves both(!)

“So floating upon the ocean a submarine brimming with Light & Life.”
stop(Z) to see my bloated corpse waving with weighted Delight.
My cross, my Father our Savior a shot-gun for a Shark.



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