Ganymede cont. (nothing. nothing at all.)

by g


  1. wool polite


even if she go way.


to the holy land we go.


to the land of the settlers settler.






410: S h a n n o n


i’m gonna buy you that compass girl

but not so that you won’t get lost in the underbrush

but that you will never not be able to find me.


if not use thunder. thunder works too.


so im here on a reservation waiting for you

and i have a nice little plot of land for you to rest

your dear little soul a little

and lie with me Crazy cause i want to fight you

make up fight you

over and over and over again fight you

till the stars see our comedy and laugh or

sigh; turn over in their systems and

think of Her looking at me and even though

she has something of her own now

i will plant my crops on this plot so

you might come through the forest

up from the creek bed and with the sky under her

eye and a continent in her curves.


and i may pick her up a bit with an adventure awaiting her arrival already.


just calm all things Dear

and inside remember this compass.


or thunder. thunder works too.




754: Money


never now do i play


never now do i know what this tremor is or ever will be.


all i know is a bit of area around my mind. and at

all times does Existence tear a bit my skull back to poke fun at the way

music starts and stops; and how the ground starts and stops;

the Universe again in a bit of lightning.

Momentum captured by seeing time again not as anything smoothe but

merely waking and drifting always and

still always do we tempt our mind to contemplate


which never once has ever truly been true

for a dark morning full storm is full sunlight

only a bit up and to the right.


but never now do i know anything.

so never listen

and always be silent


trust not in mania but the weather it drags with it


for always and forever do i play with this muk

and for always and forever should you play with this monk.


so sit with me awhile and have all my money dear.


cause never now do i play

and theres always never nothing to truly say.




803: laundry


catapult me into the night my dear sweet..


crystal campaign on crystal campaign

and April hayday.

All destroys yesterday. but some never see

that which the black fox ever wishes to decree

and always wants to construct again that romance;

that base upon the moon of Jupiter which houses

The most beautiful of paintings.


yet she paints with her eyes. her words

float upon the cold river surface and

i swoon.

i just fucking swoon okay.




107; hours later


always and always and always does my brain tease me

never tomorrow and in all ways today does progress

Momentum. Energy

Tease me.


and it builds me up into effigy

with the divine already inside wet

with Rainwater that god pours inside

her heart and down her thighs until

mystically i can turn to her and say that all things

come to those who shower with soap and succulents;

Verse and Love.


and all things never come ever only when they do.




404: nothing


when all seems lost,

look towards the moon Ganymede.


there lies a few animals there who know the way to love and happiness.

know how to maintain it.

know how to first sleep and then wake up with it always.


so when they lie together now,

one will look towards another, and little circles of darkness will appear in both of their eyes

then, the little dots of nothing will consume everything

until their entire home vanishes into the moons primary lake

and there is simply, two bodies and zero eyes.


which makes only the water and nothing;

nothing at all.