by g

442: i’m a sinner


god i’m a sinner.

is feels so good sometimes.

and at times i want to end everything.


the balancing of getting raped by the Divine

and raping the Divine is quite hard to come by.


so fuck it.




714: ego, and yet if she truly came


the energy running through me feels meaningless without conduction.

feels wasted.

it’s leaking out forever and always like

cats wet with bath water

struggling to jump the ledge and

go back to the warmth of the window sill.


and she says to simply stop making her wet!

to which i replied that

it would not be the first time

and it could never be the last.




3.22: it hit me super hard


well i have no money now

but i have everything.


everything i need at least

not everything i want.


i’ma go off into that corner now.

tidy up.


lay some traps.

get better at waiting.

get better at not waiting at all.


i spoke to that bartender like she was a student.

and made it seem like I needed schooling.

isn’t life funny sometimes?

isn’t life amazing sometimes?


hold on I gotta get swagged up for this revolution.

hold on i gotta get swagged up for this revolution.




631; you are in here i swear dear..

and i will put this under my pillow if i want !

i’m sorry but that’s how I speak my mandarin.


but i wish you and i got to trick or treat cause i swear

i would love you forever with that black

and orange

and holding you forever and only wanting sleep after –


whatever is meant to happen

might never will

so fuck worrying just come get me

i want your pumpkin soup.


that’s my fantasy dear.

that’s my dream to fear

that all you do is get to sit

when we were meant to go to whichever moon


and all starts here i swear dear i swear.