mornings with ivy (cont.)

by g

634, storm after storm


and yet my fingers smell like your pussy


but in your dystopia id be killed for this shit.

im getting high as hell and they would kill me over there.

i love you dear.

im glad its so safe.

i don’t worry much about you shark.


but with english i eat the fuck out of everything


your laundry comes full circle you see dear

not sure why i had to write of it before but now

it makes a beautiful circle moon

which you and i get to sit upon.




  1. there are no coincidences once again.


love brought me here and and it will get me home

but home is you now.

so i might go crazy but only for a time.

if you want me to not hate existence don’t talk of one

without you.


my fantasy dear is swimming the ocean.

and i am much more of a fucking shark than you think

my love.