let me tell you a story about a shark

by g

619, my love dear


you think i’m crazy because i cried to you?

you really think i’m taking you like a drug?

and yet a penny for my thoughts?

fuck that.


dear my mind cost way more than that.

and that’s what i want to sell to you.

among other things.


pay me.

my account is empty cause my currency exists in my brain.


but this is a robbery you shark. if you don’t empty my account

someone else will.

if you don’t club this seal now. my meat will not get to nourish you.


i know right.

you are a killer.

you find other seals.


what i am telling you is that i want you to eat me so badly.

so very badly.


i want you to digest me.


i want to find your stomach so i might live there

and be able to dominate your body whole.


i just want to swim and not float any longer.


but we shall do so in the puddles of water that are left

on ivy leaves right when the storm passes over.


but how this carnivore became so beautiful

i perhaps will never know (???)


i will stop wondering though.

especially if someone else makes me willing to die

in order to just go find them!


and yet i am a bit afraid now. yeah?

i’m only plankton still. yeah?

my evolution is so slow. my patience is awful


and this really nice looking whale is about to actually just

swallow me whole.


but i keep telling her!!

that beast right there turns me on so much.


and just by the teeth she flashes before she devours me.


her skin feels like the surface of the most wonderful moon.

and she just kills me quick so it doesn’t hurt so bad.


but this is just to say…

you’re so lovely dear when will we see each other again?