fighting and losing

by g

127: fighting


don’t close a door you haven’t seen into.

esp. if you plan to open it again.


actually. this place looks like shit.

at second glance,

this place is shit.


but like a forty wrapped with dead presidents

a poet fucks harder and longer

and forever.


and you get all you paid for

but what is that which you came for?

will things ever be perfect?


nothing ever stays golden

unless you find a way to mine it.


so this is what it feels like to live a fantasy

you think is real.

i just killed a spider with my cigarette

and I hope he burns in hell.

its prolly a better place than this at the moment.

at the moment I’m still nothing.

i’m transforming a bit but still quite useless.

but at least i don’t fucking run from that.

at least i own that.

i have earned my right to be nothing.


the universe is following me.

not pouring into me.