mornings with ivy (cont. 2)

by g

455: teeth


“when you say go i won’t move slow”


because you are utterly endless dear

your body invites dreams to stay a while


i want to hermit with you

i want to moonguard with you

i want you forever dear


and i’m sorry

but don’t read it if you can’t

will be here forever


just know. i yell only when i need to

so trust the author


trust these eyes dear. trust our bonding

trust where we go

trust what we do

what we say

trust me dear

i want to take you to Ganymede with me.


so when you say go i won’t move slow




558: outlast


in america i’d die no later than 50

black lungs

Asia. i’d live till 100

with such lovely ivy growing from my wings.

My heart really.


she brings me truth,

she brings me eternal life”




755: lunar inspiration


candy dreams

princess pink dolphin


“skin super soft

glowing from the circulation”




now what does turtle mean in your culture?

I will sleep on it for now.

you are sweet.

because this is me shutting my mind down dear.

this is me trying to stop dreaming about you.