investment in exhaustion (your so cute dear)

by g

346: kotivy


not sure


to protect my view of the moon

an investment be made


(it does matter now though you fucking idiot)


“So I couldn’t sleep dear.

Unsettling dreams.

But I woke up and saw the two of hearts.

Saw my turtle. Saw my pink glasses.

I need you to pull me from the clouds honey.

I need you to make me your mistress on that island.

I want you to move me.

Run me like your business dear.

I’ll return the favor .

I’ll own you.

I would swim the ocean and die if it was the only way to you.

Doesn’t even matter you were swimming off the coast near our submarine when I panicked because I couldn’t see you and could no longer protect you from sharks.”


do you see where this is going dear?

we will eat them all together

now sit on my face



so i see the issue now

(never smoke) only weed

and you can eat that shit anyway

fuck derpspike

here is the value dear

here is the fucking value dear !