by g

839: just do whatever you would like


i know you want it to be perfect

and so do i


just look at this though

look what you have done

look at what i have not


“a first fortune cookie

so while i wait i think lying works

and with you i never have to

our view of the moon!

insanity an entrance and exit

and with her none of either

for always and nothing.


it is only a train passing the river

because i thought i was empty then”


o i will give her something to do.

to another room i always go


but this is only when i don’t

and when she acts as though i am

not there yet.


she is never wrong.

yet never always right.


but this is the only line of work dear

i finish my business day so easily


been working for this forever you deer


i multitask better than you give me credit for.


my whole life i am working for you.


because i know that i have nothing now.

and yet i am sitting on the possibility of everything.


i just like calling you ok?