by g

524: manic episode never done


this be that thread off to the corner.

i am grabbing for it always.

this current this undulation this

current undulation is way to nice to

throw away . Only to love you do I

love me forever and always.


my bed glows purple now. or is it

pink? I don’t know I must just walk

carefully now is all.


Storms always pass

and they never will. Like trains in San



but you will be OK


just never write a check you can’t cash


In a world we never know


there is a ratlyon. Ganymede. And

  1. That is all there ever will be


Can i go play now?


Can you be Callisto? Er. I mean can

we go there?


when day is night

i’m still so tired but only can i sleep

now? i mean now… now?

waking up to a new view

the same one but better.


why did the sandman come last night?

why the fuck is there sand in

my shoes.


temporary disability

Always had a job. Only now being

able to do it.