lions need to murderSleep

by g

101: yelling at my womanDeer


drown out the greatest show on earth.

only playing with props () Puppets.

Lovers. playing the Game.


destroy ego in order to Find

that which you have always Known.


You are witnessing elegance.

Marriage. Sacrilege.

giving honor to gain Monsterdom.

only to keep myself trille to thrust

this dick; the Divine Battlefield.


over and over and over again into

the Night.moons. our Blooms.


her and i’s branch of poison ivy.




158: mistakes


god on a mission

hi. nice to meet you.

i am the God of this.


but you are never that which

has not been made.


you can always practice the

same. always us villains

throw shade. palm Trees

Lions never need sleep.

only Kallisto.