William Blake. cutting the universe*

by g



trip. shot Yak. chaser of rylak claws.

(both in bags)both in rain drops.

ivy leaves  . posters falling off walls.

scaring the shit out of me forever

passin jelly.

peanut butter and banana milk.


i like getting worked up at tonight

but i can’t understand it.

the moons that is.

i like saying whose nuts.

but i don’t get no toy boss.


love at first sight. this the proof. of Prof.

splittin arena prep.

acting grown up for pretend.

speaking tones. can’t wait for tomorrow.


i miss you.

everytime i hear a love song.

all groovy. bitin’titties like a baby toddler.

pissed off tho.


i’d rather jerk her around but never can.

she so far. so much sea to tame.

so many months to wane.

so many moons to howl at. so much to do.


gany. always a gargoyle Turtle.

Halloween forever dear. Forever.