now to relax&read&sleep

by g

1207: last bit of work for today.


even on a death bed.

always eating Donuts.


it just sometimes takes a lot

of good clues to remember

what is really needed.


but if you think that you understand

FAITH (!)(?)

then you sir. are very mistaken.


she might believe in you.

but only telling you what you need

to hear.

does she actually Love.


the Mission.

the goal.

the job.

the Momentum;

making sure…


that if Ganymede

and the ratLyon were to meet

on some god-forsaken moon

named “Kallisto.”


they would get along just as well

as always.


the ivy might continue to grow stronger.

the lion perchance to roar.

the moon’s gravity holding it in Orbit.


which is not so important as you

are now constantly thinking; right (?)


= a cult that actually hides together.

really just “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.”


absolutely not.


both were simply ONE MAN


when really we are just fighting a bit.

friends but fighting a bite-

my donuts in bed.

but only after a shower.

“o thanks. thanks for this you idiot.”

money only an object when it actually just is.