(HggH)=a method.

by g

10:38 (7/13/2015). (today) meaningful (!);

Yelling inexorable.

Isolate. Sleep.
(g)= a black sheep.
to rhyme only to not
care about synchronicity.
Andalusia (?)

Paranoia= to hear of an
event. The Belief of Story.
Never mind. Never MINE.
Fuck you. Fuck you Terror (!)


The suicide pit= a smokers Ridge.
Hillz have Fear. Mountains had eyes. Love has a heart.

I’ve LIKED& lossed never my (V)endetta though…
Give (H)er o my deer who you (?)
They like a chase (?)
Only Sleep to be $tolen only take to lay down by my side but
What about Bill Murray (!)(?)
What about Wes Anderson (!)(?)
Love still a DICKinson.
Er. The land down under Sydney=
Ash fall(Z) my eyes find more bees the trap Cum Pollen everywhere (!)
Corner(Z)= ∆∆ back to back Safety the cave Plato the Protectionist er. Projectionist (!)
Marriage= wanting Time to stand at attention, um. Still (!)(?)
To be afraid is to think Insanity=me.
You are supposed to be safe at a Church.
Who the Fuck kill(Z) someone helping with Prayer (!?)

Gratitude=Heaven= Honesty.
Eternal Life (?) not
if someone puts a
Bullet through your Bible (!)

Fuck you. Rot in Hell.
Paradice is for those who believe first in the Living.

Alpha= Dominance.
I love to be Bravo; support.
To dispute (!)
To Love Freedom in order to Trap yourself
Consistency; repeating mistakes is
to forget what got you Here (!)

Sit back to back with (H)er.
The world keep(Z) turning.
Amigdula; a grasshopper just watched
me piss not Afraid just Watching adimently (!)

Process Fear. Process Paranoia.
Love could happen (!)
Barometric pressure= to rain
down, BEAUTY still HERE (!)

but Everything driven first by Hormone(Z)
Love= Fantasy (+) Dream(S)
only a Reality if BOTH sides of the sword SHARPEN (!)

Listen don’t talk.
You would have given (H)er nutella strawberries
& bananna yet she has food poisoning…
a Muse needs to
Speak in Order you can Care to HEAL (!) er. FEEL you big (i)diot.
Kneel. Lick. Kiss. Ask (!)