(;) to the Madness (!)

by g

3:33 – (7/14) – [2015] – under the Bridge of (i)nsanity= thinking you will Live forever (+) wishing you were Dead;

to (Ley) from HggH;

[ssBn]= a new slate or, Tabula Rosa.

the mourning still a best Time for Poetry.
Love=remembering who you are,
becoming Cunning.
Life is to Submerge; or to fight for Honor
Defense. to Hate atrocity.
to destroy impatience in Order we Breathe.
Ash[LEE] deer o my Shiny(!) air Force(?)
Regret [A-me].= imformation to Create a better Wee (!)

Survival= a Fantasy the
Last (!) family on
Earth wanting to recreate the garden=
a full circle back an image of me (H)er
Books Movies Game(Z)
only to Fuck & Poof (!) make the Universe aGain


er. on a Carrier;
Ender in Love mist the r(oo)m
missing only the Tomb (!)
a rat in a Trap (!)
generosity to Share
NothinGain everything;
the right to Silence (!)
(A-Me)(?) i am a cacoon learning
to be OK forgetting.

you can never Learn how
not to write Love over
and over (+) Lonliness
just a state of being
at the moment swollen.
(i) just get my work
done easy to make
jealous= counteract
Hormone(Z) in order We
Fly away two Owls
or one just looking down
upon a Turtle (accountable)
Flight= struggle=
Fantasy= Transformation.

picture(Z) steal your soul (!) still
incarnation= divinity= a manic episode
Marriage= reincarnation
Tust (Adam)(+)(Eve)
Fantasy better than Dream (!)

dance a devil (?)
Dance a god we must be to purge (!)

Belief= (?) Bond with

you smell good.
to be grey is to forget
a sun last(Z) longer
than the Trap of a
spectrum of Emotion.
poetry is to be OK with
both sadness and
Boredom= the length we go
to both slow Time
& the anticipation of seeing (H)er and
i the field our
Dreams the [SKY] Star(Z)
never asking why Brawling
side to side Crying
eyes slowly Crawling
a SHAMAN (+) a Druid=
a Priest.

moon Rain
Lucina= guilt Fatherly
Love never given
only received=
mourning sides
Please warn me I
would not want to
return to the view of
the dirt while (i)
give you the Sky (!)

gift me the sapling.
gift me the root(Z).
gift to me the
Bliss of Leaves:

Pride a good thing
if only Alone.

Voodoo Doll(Z)= a HuckleBerry
jar full of Blanched
Roses perfumed with
the Tear(Z) of OUR enemies.

Still angry. Still sad.
Still in (LOVE)(!)

a stranger= a new poem to be started.
a Book of Fiction to be Burned (!)

never feel Bad for me please (!)

Never an excuse for yourself sometimes one for another. & now she’s laughing how (!?)
How the fuck can you step on someone’s heart then ask forgiveness for their silence (!?)
Fuck you. (Ash) falls the waste land since emotion was created in order we Rise to Gain (!!)

Mania= Hope.
But why the fuck is it only the father’s responsibility to give his daughters hand in marriage away (!?)
Tomorrow as long as it comes… Still a new day…

punish me [Ley];
Love this handle
around your Clit my
tongue taught to be quiet (!)