Deceieved; hood-winked

by g

(9) [7/15/2015]: Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Suspicion;

Huh (?)

Child(hood)= a complex.
Safety= a delusion born out of Fear for the

to be a Prophet is to buy a new Tool-Box. . .
but for digging (g)old-the-dirt for Fertilizing Love-
a Plant emerged from the Geology of Fiction.

to Cont. Harvesting is to never want & Hurt only
Comfort the Star(Z) Sky (Moon-Rain). . .

[A Land of Giants]. . .
that the deceivers constitute Reality.

(I-Lee). I kneel. I love still here for a Niece.
What an Angel (!)

To wait patiently the hardest to do.
You single (!?)

Aida; (so yes to aid a [l]onely Virgin
like me)

We here what We want to hear (!)

(i-Ley)= I don’t want to (!)
never to be alone
with thought(Z) feeling(Z)
the emotion; the desire
to be only with (Y)ou=(H)er.