render Shrapnel; Khonsu drowning off the Third-Coast

by g

10:52 (7/18)2015: (i) to[o] have left so many clue(Z)

“Fuck relations.” (=an aura)

(edification)= Friendly [Fire].
i do not wish for anyone to feel bad My Loneliness.
{J}ust please let me Be.
e[X]ternal Events(?)=(8)x(8)
everyone looks in Love yet only finding-
the Divine Course through which the
Brain tremors with Exhaustion.

So what Lies inside(?). . .
Process; to feel better a Day.

the blue-Angel plucked me
myself. Zeus=a kidnapper(!)
[SIN]apse Blood vein(Z) firing(!)
just Breathe make Time(!)
Hide Eyes. Hide a View.
Walk away to think my side the argument er.
Huck the moon Bell-Jar the hog encapsulate
the Fear for being alone “a ship(!)”

a Harbor= the Destination. A Love
atop the pier my Dreams to care for Lucidity(!)
a Port. Hot vs. Cold; the goose(!)bump(Z) travel the Spine-
to Sail(!)

Only, it is difficult to separate Life from Journey. . .
Remorse from Ecstasy. . .
Art from Faith(!)

the Path from leading, the children our Legacy=
to the Lighthouse as I lie Dying. [Crucifixion(!)]

so unstrap the body from your back & never ask for the Rosary.
Just jump. Miss. Pathos.

Depression you are welcome. Mania you are undeserved.

“Never let Divinity go(!)” just to say Ya-Weh(!)
to cry only to test Trust in Chaos we find Fuck(!)
Nature vs. Nurture. Fuck
Nature vs. Nurture. Fuck
Nature vs. Nurture. Love deserves both(!)

“So floating upon the ocean a submarine brimming with Light & Life.”
stop(Z) to see my bloated corpse waving with weighted Delight.
My cross, my Father our Savior a shot-gun for a Shark.