forgetting what Mid-Night i(Z) [TRANSFIXED](!)

by g

[909] (7/20/2015): a declaration for Courage=to Love er. to fuck a coyote (57x’s): (Abiathar)=a High priest;

to Rest is to Deny.
but Familly still=to Protect.
kneeling to Forgive(!)
Forget that this Life has much more to offer His
words (are) food a Trap
Look I caught a Soul
Tap. Tap. Tap.
the Bass Bleed(Z) SAP(!)
in Ord-er. we find Chaos.
=afraid of a Leo.
me myself- (8/8)
Hope still here(!)
Love still a journey towards the nightmare;
a fiend recovering from the war-ship of himself.
Better in Heaven with the stench of the Seer
than rotting in Hell (with) an absent Communion a Tear(!)
my tool(Z) to Purge the stomach my Deer.

Empty of all the words to cum(!) Resonance Remains.
finally able to sleep peacefully; a Testament the Power & Glory
now rests within the Tomb. That Life a peak and at the bottom
the Mountain we breathe our last breath think our last thought and join
those who Believe in the apparition of Paradice.

I want to ride down the Hillside tucked into the Valley of the Lotus-Grove
with (H)er and if (i) am to die it will be in those
Arms which wrapped around my soul whisper that the Stream is near.
“Your ashses will be spread by no one but me Dear. . . do not cry nor Fear.”

So with sincerity and Love I may know what an everlasting Death really becomes;
Sex upon the creekbed; Ophelia drowning herself with the worship my word(Z)
& never my Heart. I swim for you now. All in grey went my Body Hiding.

Slip my soul into your Sabbath my Love, from an Elder-
the son of Man;
a Druid Hunting
a Shaman but really a Prophet baptizing himself every day, my last or first (!?)
Virginity-to keep in order I get it right and only to (H)er i Promise.

God then gives the Body a disciple muse to join my
Cult and know she is mine in Love we find a right to Breathe; Belonging.
Mania= thing(Z) fall into place if you Fast what a child that may hold out
a fist in Marriage we both consume the Sin of Deliverance a Part of Faith=
trusting only to amaze the Angel of Death or Banish the Demon; anxiety so stop(!)

. . .

my Mother a Hero. I don’t want her to die though she will eventually;
would never again wish to throw gas on the Fire=to keep Safe.
Selfish am (i) though I would prefer to take the burn for myself.=MANIA=
to string together the moon and the Hut and the Lovers enTrance upon a new
the efigy burning a large Fish Callisto giving just enough Light to tell Stories
the wind= Resiliance= my Mom(!) Nature(!) never Alone(!)

Judgement comes when Lovers find the skill of Hunting/Gathering
water chestnuts the pig a bush the screen(Z) left believing Reality=
Learning to teach children the art of painting History the world
a complex Devotion to an existential guillotine; the dark deference of Liberty (+) Death.

(by the heirarchy of need(Z))
(er. Abraham Maslow)
belonging= silence. ENOUGH(!)

but O deer my a Coyote can i have please(!?!)

so Buddha. . . plan a Tryst;
Split a cookie. Write (H)er a note.
Draw the picture. Love the
athleticism. Breathe in her (bass)-
Line. See her tomorrow. Tell her to
bring a swimsuit. Deliever her from
the Temptation of hormone(Z) rule
the front half a relationship. Remain
only to remember the first words
(your cute miss Colombian(+)Italian
DEAR o my How to make a crush last

I guess (i) will just provide the (H).