by g

(1102): the Kink removed the [C.H]ain;

grey hair= a universal perspective.
(work every day(!))

a tour of command;
Love never a phase.
Insight leads down the path to patience.
to feel the Heart Beat
a scariest of Drug.
& Prescribed (!)
to stop listening is to be
wise so SLEEP (!)
Fantasy= me(g) and (i) hiding together
the Rain upon our Home
within the Heart of a tomb the world
a citadel er. Shrine(?)
I got you a watch
for today a note tomorrow a ring.
in order I ask
and a painting for
above the mantle
if you want my
pass to the eternal
Life of Star(Z) only
fade never do WE die(!)

Life= a balancing Act; a tight rope walker(!)
Routine is to never give up.
or just so we may hide in our Dream to find Solace;

purple Lights around the bed=
walking on eggshell(Z)

timid with words.
[How the hell are you unafraid of Death(!?)]

(Bold with actions for me= to give gifts).
i am just so awful with good-byes.
i despise them. SO (i) breathe heavy. . .
“till next time” dear.