blue-eyed Ginger[Z] just say “yes(?)”

by g

957-828: Solace;

Crisis Plan (+) never cured only managed (:)
Aid(a) let me take your nightmares; Deer,
automatic. negative. thoughts.

was it North-Central Methodist or Baptist (?)
Recovery thus= publish. Organize. Burn.

Fear (+) Loathing= an emotional foot-print.

a conciousness(!)
a trick a steal.
the Creation a Spiritual high [cyclying from]
an atheistic Low.

but (double Entendre. Cough Cough that’s forbidden Love.)
Patience= letting HER go for the time being. Life is long;
if it is meant to be it will be.

GOD is cold. . .
Half-mast= the war getting closer and closer to Home.

(I wish HggH would have been different but I wait for me(G)
to call again. Bored and lonely. You may always say hi to me Dear.
I know this is a tough time but you will be OK). . .

SO we put on the blankets we warm ourselves with Balance; “ZARA.” (!)
& the Yellow-Rose (+) a Blue-Bonnet= a harvest returns again.