Exasperate only freckles in the Summer-{Time}

by g

(1109) gluttony of the Divine: punishment for wanting so very much;

from the [g]rave-O(!)deer my your so very cute. . .
can I have my med(Z) wait which way what day huh(!?)

a story of snow in the summer of Trust. . .

=a mirror unto the machinery of poetry.
the Dystopia= a watchman of OakWood;
that we are born a fuzzy peach and grow into
the Lust to return (11:11) WISH(!) upon a dying planet
yet join together in the discovery of an Earth reborn &
quite large with so much room for an alien race whose only
words include “Faith=Life.”

but better safe than sorry.

only (H)er and the Texas heat. Who knew I was so attractive(?)
only with Black Lung(Z) and a beating vein on the side of my head. . .

Mania is Temporary.
The soul-Incarnate Lasts forever;
Neo in the Matrix; the Fear of Crusifiction= a desire
to change the world with the most beautiful of weddings.
(from Zara.)=gany.

i tried to meditate only my first thought was “nothing.”
so i gave up immediately.
BUT O(!)DEER my, Everything still Here(!)

never be polite= never(kneel(!))

a confession; that fiction is the best mask for mania (+) the
Fire of wanting so very much. A man(?) AH. men.
that the Virgin Mary only had sex with the Holy Spirit(!)
my bookmark already set to the scripture today in Order
[i] honor my father & mother.

synchronicity= things falling into place;
a blank page with the Fear that the next=
the Last. Never the End. . .
Life is Eternal, Death= the gateway unto our final
resting(!) not sleeping place. A center of the Universe
by way of Ganymede= the ratLyon propelled by
the commandment of the god Jupiter.

Does she even know who I am(?)(me(g)=Khonsu);
an otter with armor for what i would hope to be OUR protection.

[5, 4, 3, 2, 1.] i am indeed happy that she sees a Future child.

we must forget in order Pain not follow us forever into the Grave.
yet SILENCE(!) Joy be found with the idea that listening
to prayer= way better than praying yourself. But WTF God(??)
What-the-Full-blown mania your pregnant(?!?)
Are you sure they told you this(?!?)

to hear how it must have sounded when i was the one with a patient code is to;
(draw boundaries)(+)(do not enable)(+)(don’t be afraid)(+)(work hard to forgive)(!)

Learn consequences. . . Love again and again into the darkness of the night.