deployed into dangerous water(Z) only to return Home; money is always [$]econdary.

by g

(733) shadow(Z) haunt me in this Trap: to eat an elephant in the enormity of the room (909);

=a crucible of Experience.

but how am i supposed to hear (H)er psychotic
and not want to cry(?)
“god gave me this baby for a reason.
I don’t think he would have if
I could not handle it.” what the hell. . .
Me(g); been there never said that(?!?)

only to return to Norfolfk while my Love
tweaks Reality: swim the Atlantic, care not for Sharks
they just taste anyways. . . VIRGINia blood gets
Drawn into the water with tremendous form
the Hurricane only broke our (tree(Z)
leaving still our natural American Spirit)

my mouth finally wet with the waves returning the
moisture I loss Yelling so very Loudly. but
I forgot to mention [which is nice] that my Brain is already
For[g]ettin[g] less only it Spray.

to Bounce back is to be Resilient;
a new reality(?) what makes us change(?) bi-location
Tri(gg)ered= a survival instinct in Training.
to learn how to Help. Support(!)
always Flight to be able & let go the Times you chose to Fight.

the one who killed your turtle said shit to really get your goat.
Let it go. Just never let yourself go=

Gany. a goose, so many egg(Z)
which cry of their own accord. &
because your a bastard I never
should have trusted. Here’s your tip
fucker, Lord of the Ring(Z) fan-boys will
stay exactly that their entire lives. . .
Go eat some more opium you Life-Less
sack of shit= San Marcos is full of two-timing,
double-crossing thieves that wish they could
LIVE in Austin or San Antonio. . .

But (i) am Home now. (210) Countdown-City.
a gateway unto America where nationals take advantage
while immigrants work infinitely harder(!)

Fragility= Sensitivity to the needs of others.
So is getting burned/(deceived) after giving Trust,
better or worse than never having Loved at all(?)
{Isolation}= Safe. but to place Faith in an idea
is to hear new-angels singing infinitely again(!)

So with a queen Alexandria on my Left,
the virgin Mary to the right, I am again faced with
two roads divering into one Path;
the choice is to again Love a Trial.
(what do i look like well(?) what is a well(??))

Creation is born from the highs and the low[Z]
MOMENTUM= to recover, to keep growing
Hallow’s Eve to Hallow’s Noon.

[Dear Sylvia & Robin]
“I am sorry you chose to stop the medication. But I still Love you hunny.
I hope to see you in Purgatory or to take you our Heaven.”

But always to chase this Rabbit into a Hole;
Balancing a Trap.

Who the fuck scared now(?). . .
from a [g]ladiator.