shown the (*Divine*); given only a [Diagnosis](+)[Care]

by g

[1025] saw Me(g) today she was singing: (11:11) i wish still only for (H)er;

Emotionally-Vigilant, I am starting to see through a tough GHost.

to be a Father(!)

Psychosis is placing a wall
between your Love and your
Heart slows due to the quill
upon the belly; your tongue is
tied due to the anxiety of
being afraid of having not
accomplished EVERYTHING
we must always let that go(!) er. Rest(!)
in the Desire to tranport
your Ego into that of an Ice-Druid
on a moon named Ganymede.

People will always be afraid
of the cycle: “Grandiosity.”
Please know that my greatest fear is not that
i will hurt myself but that
i might hurt another. (i) really do care so very deeply.

Maslow= scared-face in the tub
Alone, a pound of chocalate, video cameras
set-up everywhere, trying to fufill a desire to be
Safe but (I just never lived that desperate Trap
i run from nothing not even my past(!) because

the Rain(!)
so Lovely.

[written by Winston Churchill; trying to
reduce the danger of Mania returning by Half]
perhaps more.

the Rain(!)
so very Lovely.

[from the Third Coast to the Northwest & Georgia;
WE know not of what is Familiar, only after
Examination do we realize what these word(Z) mean].

the Rain(!)
cleanse this soul that
I may not need to be
reincarnated into anthing except a Bristlecone-pine. . .

but Emily mY O Deer mY nurse LEAD
me a shortcut & forever (i) would be
grateful to be intimate with those
Amazing eyes (+) a wonderful
backside the entrance to my Soul;


SO VERY LONELY(!) & then another Queen
Alexandria appears & this one, Cleopatra. . .
recognized my face.

(A Pearl of the Mediterranean). . .

who I would have brought Home & given the World.