there is no controlling the {Chaos} which poetry only concludes

by g

(850) EDIFICATION of a Nose. a Brain & a Heartbeat: Awakening Anxiety underlying a Vulnerably Powerful-Plateau;

I hit the afternoon of the cycle of Mania.
Learning how to walk the beehive my Head(!)

right now my Love to give is not empty but a jar blown by Dust.
yet Lucky my eyes are even when Heavy with Steel.

[Cannibalism, a chilling thought, bodies strewn on the side of an island;
the plane cooks the flesh which buried everything but the Absurd need for
Sustenance drives friends to end the pain of Hunger.]

The Ocean and god exists but is Cold when cut the blood a Carrier.

(Mania inspires. Drives. Causes a Mind
to Fall into the Psychosis
of thinking that the Body is alone on
Earth I must join with me(G)
to reestablish the Population
of a Race Hell-Bent on the Beauty
of the Universe
& with a vocabulary to spin circles the Son).

Love a lonely word which Longs
for a partner to study alongside
What cums closes the nebula
which incurs as we are both Alive & together;
an extension of being Awake to
the Fear, but really just a genetic disposition
towards the inability to filter ALL of conciousness

“through the looking glass.”

Divinity (+) over-stimulation
of the creative Process which
churns out Fantasy to escape
what thinking truly is;
a Process called Life.


Close eye(Z) but open the Heart.
Eat. Sleep. Be merry.
Push Past. Carry the Future. Excpect mishap.

BUT to the Weary and poor our masks look like Snouts.
Really my ego is to reframe the Love I have for HggH (+) gKg=(8/8) Alive anyways still.

“as I was thinking irrationally Emily my Deer I will miss you
the most. If I could forever live in the image of your voice I would.
the Autumn winds begin to lick my Dharma. My memory serves me well with
the image your Body. I will never know why I lied about the doctor but
perhaps any excuse to return and find you the cause of my current undulation
tricks my mind into distraction which never knew how to say good-bye.”


but there is something about that Black and White Dress that
both nurses and patients May wake me up their Lip(Z).


there is something about these Black and White Stripes which
allows my mind to Live in the Grey (!)


“naturally fulfilling internal urges
buried away into the chemistry of our Brains
Momentum transports in order we STOP(!) (i)
want to be a painter. . .”


to Hear the Thunderous roar the government
sending war planes/Apaches to locate me=
paranoid survival trapping skills but to
Remember Ley is to know that “you realize how beautiful our children would be(?)”
the eyes of Mania are to follow me the Rest my Life. I Fight in order
Humanity continue fighting. SEX= the infernal urge for Divinity to counteract Fear.


the Sun Also Rises to an absence of Emotion=
We interpret the Love for being attached to Life
upon the universe; PATIENCE(!) TEACH(!)

how to Aid(?) O [My Deer] get better.
tell your husband he is lucky. Lift up your Soul.
your eyelashes are amazing when pitched against the window.